A Fairytale Engagement

Every girl dreams of how perfect their engagement and wedding will be. Luckily, I was one of those girls who was extremely surprised and had a boyfriend who did everything to make that day so special for me. I never thought that day would have been as perfect as it was. I always reminded him “make sure I have my nails done and a friend taking pictures to capture the moment in a bush!” He always laughed and said whatever. I honestly had no idea when the engagement was coming or how he would do it. My fiancé now, Josh, is pretty good at keeping secrets. (In a good way lol.) So, here’s the story!

Josh and I had a trip planned to Prague, Czech Republic in July 2016, for a week. This was my first trip to Europe. Josh had been there previously so he knew a little about the cool spots to go. But, this was our first big vacation together. We had been dating for about 2 years and had talked about one day getting married. My mom and I always joked about getting engaged in Prague but Josh always said “hell no, the rings you like are too expensive right now.” So I shut the idea down.

A week before we left, Josh and his best friend texted me saying they wanted to get pedicures for the first time. I was all about going to get my nails done with them, why not? I honestly thought nothing of it. It’s not like Josh told me to get my nails done, he had his best friend in on it to make it less obvious. (You go Josh!)

A week later, our flight to Prague was finally here. We had our bags packed and ready to roll. I always had a little thought in the back of my mind about how cool it would be to get engaged while we were on this trip, but always talked myself out of it because Josh always said it wasn’t happening. As we were going through security to board the plan, I go first and then Josh. He goes up to the security guy and whispers something to him. Of course, I’m skeptical. I think to myself “how cool would it be of Josh was telling him about a ring!” When Josh returned he told me he was asking about my Kindle, if it needed to be in a separate bin. I said okay and forgot the idea of the engagement.

Finally, we are in Prague, it was Monday, I am exhausted, the jet leg was a real bitch. (The time difference was like 8 hours ahead) Josh wants to walk around. So, we go. Walking around like a zombie to find this beach with swan that he supposedly went to when he was on college. We never found it, so we went back to the hotel for a nap.

Days go by, we’re having such an amazing trip, it’s Thursday and raining and 60°. Our trip is over halfway over, there is no way we’re getting engaged. I was taking a nap in the hotel room and Josh woke me up to say there was a really cool event going on at the Castle and surrounding gardens at around 3 that’s afternoon. So we went to the concierge desk to ask which tram to take to the castle. (We walked up there the previous day and holy shit, talk about an up hill workout.) We got ready and left. As we were getting ready, Josh got a weird message from a name I had never heard of. He told me it was from the lady downstairs, who we asked about fun things to do in Prague. I shrugged it off and we left.

We get on tram 21 going up. That’s what concierge said. We were so wrong. After about 35 minutes we were not in the city center anymore. We were were all of the locals go. No more English and we were so lost. Josh is panicking and surprisingly I was relaxed, just taking it all in. (Any of you who know me, I would normally be having an anxiety attack in this situation.) We eventually decided to get off the tram and get onto a new one going the opposite direction.

Finally, an hour later, were at the castle. Not a soul is up there. The gardens are completely empty. I was honestly getting irritated. I wanted to go back to the hotel. It was pouring down rain, cold and I didn’t have a jacket. It was like 2:30. Josh said the event starts at 3. So, he made a bet with me to get me to stay. If there was no event, I won’t and Josh would have to buy me a pair of Louboutins. If there was event, Josh won and he earned bragging rights.

There was a beautiful fountain that was right outside of a building that we were standing under to escape from the rain. It was almost 3 and Josh said “Sarah, you’re right. I don’t think there’s an event today. Let’s take a picture in front of the fountain before we leave.” I saw a lady taking pictures of the scenery and told Josh to ask her to take a picture of us. He said ok and went up to her.

Little did I know, I set up our engagement perfectly. She was our photographer. Josh handed her his phone, walked back, looked at me and held my hands. I was so confused. She put his phone away and took out her camera. IT WAS HAPPENING AND IT ALL MADE SENSE NOW. He said “Sarah, you officially win the bet, there is no event happening today. That lady is actually our photographer and I have something to ask you.” (He had to remind me of this because my mind went blank.)

I cried. He proposed. Holy shit. It was absolutely amazing and he exceeded my expectations by a million! This photographer took us all around Prague taking photos of us. I could have not been happier. Josh did the two little things I wanted and made it happen in the most beautiful garden. I am so thankful for him.

Finally, I put all of the pieces together and Josh had to explain some things. We got my nails done because it was something I wanted when I got engaged. He really was telling security at the airport about the ring in his carry on. The reason we went walking around when we first got to Prague was because the beach with the swans is where he wa going to propose. Josh was unusually panicking on the tram because we were on a time crunch to meet the photographer. The weird message was from the photographer changing to location because of the rain.

This trip will be one of the most memorable. My first big vacation with Josh, my first time to Europe and our engagement. Here are some photos from our engagement!

Thank you so much to our photographer Khiria, for making the day so special! www.khiria.com






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