November Ipsy Bag

I love trying new beauty products, so why not get them sent to my house every month? Ipsy is a beauty subscription that sends deluxe samples to your door for $10 a month. There is a beauty quiz you take when you sign up to customize your bag based off your interests. It’s always a treat getting a surprise every month! So here is what I received for November! Click here to sign up today!

Every month there is a cute little bag that all of the products come in. This month, the theme was “Rockstarlet.” The bag is navy with different makeup and tools printed on the front and back with stars surrounding them. (Super cute, huh? I have a collection of Ipsy bags that are just too cute to get rid of.) So this month I received, a Ciate London,Liquid Lipstick, a Luxie beauty brush, a Hey Honey Facial Serum, a theBalm Cosmetics mascara and a LAQA & Co. b’lighter. I’ll go into each product down below!

nov ipsy 1.jpg

The first product is the Ciate London, Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Diva. Oh honey, this color is beautiful! I thought Ciate only made nail polish, but obviously that isn’t true. This shade is the perfect red, not too dark or not too light. It is definitely a bold, daring shade. I can totally see myself wearing this. I have never tried any of Ciate’s makeup line so I am looking forward to trying this out!

nov ipsy 2.jpgOne of my favorite things to get in my bag is brushes. Good quality makeup brushes are so expensive, so when I get one in my bag, I am thrilled! This is the Luxie Beauty, Rose Gold Small Duo Fiber Brush 524T. I will be using this brush to apply my liquid foundation. This brush will make my foundation look natural and flawless. I have never heard of Luxie until I started watching YouTube tutorials and receiving my Ipsy bags. I use many of their brushes daily!

nov ipsy 3.jpg

I have never heard of Hey honey, so if you have, let me know how you like it. I am always iffy when it comes to trying new skin care products, but I am open to it. This is the Hey Honey, Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum. It says that this product is good for all skin types and is worn underneath whatever moisturizer or night cream you use. It also says that you can use this as a makeup primer. I dabbed a little on my hand and the texture is very nice and made my skin feel super soft. I am actually looking forward to trying this as a primer!

nov ipsy 4.jpg

My second favorite thing to receive in my Ipsy bag is mascara. I love trying new mascaras. This is theBalm, Mad Lash Mascara. I have heard of this brand and have tried some of their products previously. I love that the wand is curled, to really get all up in your lashes! No make-up look is complete without some mascara. I can’t wait to try this out soon!

nov ipsy 5.jpg

Lastly, I received the LAQA & Co., B’lighter in the shade Peacher’s Daughter. I have never heard of this brand or a b’lighter. I can assume that it just blush + highlighter. This is a creamy product with a lot of shimmery, pink pigment. It is very smooth and goes onto the skin beautifully. I am not a huge fan of the shade but I understand the concept. Can’t knock it ’til I try it though, right?

I loved what I received this month! I am looking forward to trying all of these wonderful brands and products. Can’t wait to see what Ipsy has in store for me in December!


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