December Ulta Haul


Who would I be if I didn’t regularly go to Ulta to buy new products and things I probably don’t need? Lol. Anyways, I picked up some awesome products from Ulta today with the recommendation of one of their employees. So here we go!


I went into Ulta knowing that I needed get a new foundation. I always either use the Maybelline Fit Me, Kat Von D lock-it or Makeup Forever Mat Velvet. I always am wanting to try new products. I often watch YouTubers and take their recommendations. So I asked the lady who worked at Ulta and she raved about this foundation. This is the Smashbox Studio Skin foundation. I am shade 1.15. I have tried this product and really liked it. It is not full coverage like Kat Von D is, but it is buildable!


I knew I needed a new concealer too. I usually use the MAC Pro Long-wear but I am over that concealer. This is the Smashbox Studio Skin concealer. This product is 24 hour and waterproof. SOLD. Enough said! I went into Ulta looking for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, but they were sold out. The lady who worked at Ulta told me that the formulas are similar and this would be a good match. So, that’s what I got!


I also needed a new under eye setting powder. I normally would be all about the ‘baking’ life but honestly, I need something easy and that does the job. So she recommended this. This is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores loose setting powder. This stuff feels like silk on your face. Oh my god. I am so happy that I bought this product. Since it is translucent, I can use this for my entire face and not be adding too much product. I love this product.


People have been raving about this product forever. So I needed to buy it. The size I got was a mini travel size. It was too cute! Anyway, if you don’t already know, this is the Benefit Hoola bronzer. It is a matte bronzer with the perfect amount of warm tones. I absolutely love this color. I am currently asking myself why I have not purchased this sooner!


Of course, my favorite primer of all times. This stuff works wonders. This is the Porefessional face primer by Benefit. Omg, this makes your face feel so fabulous and smooth. It is meant to cover your pores & ya girl definitely needs that. Luckily, since it is the holidays, they have awesome gift box sets. Mine was a full size primer, the Matte Rescue and and eye cream.


If you have not tried this product, stop what you’re doing and order it. This is the Mario Badescu facial spray. This stuff is AMAZING. I use this before I do my makeup, after I wash my face, to set my makeup and even in my hair. It smells so good and just make you feel refreshed. It is only $7 too! Since I bought this product, I also got a free gift. I got the Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel. I have never tried anything except this so I am looking forward to it!


I got this skincare kit. I have not found enough skin scare products that I LOVE for my regime. I was using Arbonne products, the whole 9 yards. I used the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream and eye cream. Yes, those product did a great job on my face but it wasn’t easy to purchase and they were fairly expensive to me. So I decided to try this set. It comes with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.


Lastly, this beauty right here. I got the NAKED Smoky pallet. Everyone has the NAKED pallets, except me. I’m like “$54 for a pallet? Nah.” But it was half off. HALF OFF. I could not pass that up. I feel like these never ever go on sale. Everyone and their mother was getting this pallet at Ulta. (Literally though.) These colors are beautiful. I can not wait to use this. Also, whenever you get a new eye shadow or something and you open it, I never want to use it, its just to pretty. Does any one else think like that too, or am I just crazy? Hah.

So there ya have it. Everything I purchased at Ulta. If it were up to me, I would have bought 29659 more things, but ya know, my bank account wouldn’t like that. (Nor would Josh.)


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