December Ipsy Bag


Yay! I have finally received my December Ipsy bag. This months theme is “carpe p.m.” How cute! The bag is a pinkish/red rough velvet feeling thing. It is kind of shiny too. Another bag to add to my collection! I received a Mint Pear blending sponge, a NYX Prismatic eye shadow, a Tarte Cosmetics Glossy lip paint, a NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Serum and an Essence Cosmetics intensifying eye shadow base. Let’s take a look at each product!



YESSS! I love when I get makeup brushes and tools in my bag! This is the Mint Pear beauty sponge. I use a beauty sponge every single day to apply my liquid foundation. It makes application easy and flawless on your skin. Everyone knows about the Beauty Blender and a lot of companies are making their own dupes. I have not heard of this company but I have a great feeling this sponge is going to be a hit!


So weird, this is the picture that they used on the website for this product, but the picture looks brown & I have a purple shade.(Oh well). This is the NYX Pristmatic Eye-shadow in the shade Punk Heart. Eye shadows are a hit or miss for me. I am down to try new colors to add to my collection but I like to stay in my comfort zone with light neutral tones, every now and again adding a little smokey look to it. I like to think I am Jaclyn Hill and rock out a orange smokey eye, wrong. Every. Time. lol. This color is gorgeous though. I am definitely going to try this soon!

(The picture on the left is a swatch of the NYX eye-shadow, above. The picture on the right is a swatch of the Tarte glossy lip paint, below.)


I love Tarte Cosmetics. I already own so many of their products and I haven’t had any complaints yet. This product is a new one for me though. This is the Tarte Glossy Lip Paint in the shade WCW. I do not normally go for anything glossy, just not a fan. But that’s the point of Ipsy right? Trying new things. I like to stick to matte lips, especially because they normally dry down. I really do love the shade of this product & think I might wear it on New Years, why not?


When it comes to skin care, I am not the best person to ask for advice. I am still trying to find a regime that works for me and my skin. Anyway, this is the NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Serum. There are so many brands that make serums and I have no idea that actual purpose of them. This product is designed to improve skin texture, smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of pores. COUNT ME IN. I will be trying this product today.




This is the Essence Cosmetics Color Intensifying Eye-shadow Base. So basically this is an eye-shadow primer. I normally use concealer as my eye shadow primer because it works the same for me. But, since I have this now, I will totally use this! I do not wear heavy amounts of eye-shadow often, so this little sample size will last me forever! Maybe I’ll put this underneath the NYX eye-shadow and really step out of my comfort zone! 😉


So, that’s all for my December Ipsy bag. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or other recommendations that you have! I love hearing feedback! The more the merrier.



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