DIY Home Decor 

Josh and I recently purchased a home & of course as soon as we move in, Josh is ready to start some projects. We are really into the rustic look & looked on Pinterest for ideas to spruce up our new home! Here are some inexpensive DIY projects we did!

Josh and I are all about a bargain. So we went to the local thrift store to find odds & ends that we can make our own.

This is in our entry way of our house. We got these picture frames for 50 cents each and that black thing on the top for like $1. (I don’t even know what it is, but I like it.)

We took the glass out of each of the frames. We spray painted each frame with white spray paint. Then with sand paper, we sanded some of the edges for that HGTV white wash look. This whole project costed us about $10. We love it, especially the fact that all of the frame are different.

This is similar to the first project! Except these are actual canvas pictures that we picked up from the thrift store. (These did not have glass on the front.)

We covered the frame with newspaper or took the canvas out of the frame of we could. We spray painted the frame with white spray paint and the canvas with chalk board paint. We have these little chalk boards hanging all around our house with cute sayings! This project cost us about $7.

My favorite but most stressful project of all; the pallet board wall. I have seen this done all over Pinterest and I needed this in my house. So we did it in our breakfast nook.

Josh and I found a guy on Craigslist selling pallet wood. He brought a huge truckload over for $50. We had about 600 boards to choose from. It was awesome. A lot of DIY websites said to place a piece of plywood between the wall and the pallet wood. We didn’t listen.

We sanded a bunch of the boards down and took all of the nails out. (I got so many splinters doing this.) Then we found all of the studs in the wall to nail into. Then we individually nailed each piece a few times into the studs.

Our drywall will 100% need to be replaced if we ever decide to take to wall down, but I don’t think we ever will.

The hardest part of this was finding pieces that matched to make it even all the way across. Luckily we had a large selection to choose from.

We still have a garage full of pallet wood if anyone wants any!

I’m sure that Josh and I will have more DIY projects soon!


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