My Go-to Music

I love music, all kinds. You’ll catch me jamming to 90’s country one second and the next rappin’ my favorite 2Chainz song. (But really.) I recently have been all about finding new artists, those who are not mainstream. I get sick of the radio, every station seems to play the same 10 songs all day. So here is what I go to instead! 


Sirius XM– I have this in my car and I love it! The variety of stations are awesome and there is always something good on. Here’s some of my favorite stations:

Hits 1– Well of course, this has all of the popular songs.

90’s on 9– Yes, I said it. I love 90’s music so much. Spice Girls, enough said.

Pop 2K– Who doesn’t love listening to some Jesse Mcartney?!

The Coffee House– This station is relaxing. It has a lot of acoustic music too, which I love!

Margaritaville– Anyone who knows me, knows my love for Jimmy Buffett. Of course I love this station.


Spotify– This is the best app for music, in my opinion. I pay for premium which is definitely worth it. You can listen to almost any song you can think of, and download it to listen to without wifi. It’s great & perfect for a flight. You can make your own playlists, follow other people playlists & listen to Spotify’s pre-made playlists which change ever week with new music.

Here are some of my go-to preset playlists:

Pop Rising– Josh and I listen to this every single day! It is made up of about 90% new/up and coming artists. Normally nothing mainstream. I have found some of my favorite songs on this playlist.

Pop Chillout– This is a playlist that is very similar to Pop Rising, except the music is a lot slower and more relaxing. Perfect for my drive home from work or traveling.

Workout Twerkout– This is obviously my working out music. It is mostly hip hop music in this playlist.

New Boots– This playlist is the new/up and coming country music. I often find country songs on here before they are popular on the radio.

So of course in addition to these playlists I have some favorite songs. This changes almost weekly. 🙂 As of this week here are my faves:

Katy Perry- Chained to the Rhythm

Tove Lo- Imaginary Friend

Julia Michaels- Issues

Jax Jones- You Don’t Know Me

Burak (ft.Danelle Sandoval)- Tuesday
(Side Note- This song is a Drake cover, I am obsessed.)

Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like

Kris Kross Amsterdam (ft.Ty Dolla $ign)- Are You Sure?

Migos (ft. Lil Uzi)- Bad and Boujee

I am always up for listening to new music. What are your favorites at the moment? Do you listen to any of these stations/playlists too?





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