Warm Weather Traveling Must-Haves!

Anyone who know me, knows how much I love to travel. If I could quit my job tomorrow and travel the world, I would! Luckily, I get to travel to some amazing places. Josh and I are heading the the British Virgin Island for 10 days at the end of February. (So soon!) I always make a bunch of lists of things I need to do & things to make sure I pack before the trip! Since this is a beach trip, here are a list of the must-haves in the warmer weather:

Hats- I love hats. Whenever I don’t feel like doing my hair, or want to block the sun from my face a little, or hide my face because I’m not wearing make-up, I’ll wear a baseball hat. It’s perfect and super cute. I am currently rockin’ an all black nike hat with a white check on the front. Very simple and matches everything.

Sunscreen- If you don’t pack it, buy it when you get there. You will regret it. Between ruining your skin, skin cancer and the pain of a sunburn- it’s not worth it. I have 50 and 30 for this trip! The sun is so much stronger down there!

Sandals- I think that a pair of nice sandals and a pair of flip flops are perfect. You can wear them to the beach or to dinner. Anyone who knows me, knows I have about 5 pairs of sandals packed. I need options!

Water shoes- You may think this is funny, but if I am going to a new beach, I am always hesitant of the beach texture. Also, during all of the excursions you may take, you never know where you’ll be stepping. (Side note- I hate my bare feet touching the ocean floor. Call me crazy but it freaks me out, especially in the nasty waters of OC, MD)

Maxi dresses- I own so many. I packed enough maxi dresses for two a day! I got most of them from Lulu’s. I have them for all occasions too. From hanging out on the beach to going to a high class restaurant.

Camera- Whether it’s your phone, a go-pro, drone, Polaroid camera, or expensive camera, take it! Capture all of those memories! For this trip to BVI, Josh and I are bringing our Go-Pro! We also found some waterproof disposable cameras that I’m excited to play with!

Sunglasses- This is one of the most important things to bring. I have super sensitive eyes. I feel like I need sunglasses all day long. When I travel, I buy a cute cheap pair that I won’t get mad about if I lose or break! Josh and I got the cutest aviators for $5 at Walmart.

Books- I personally love to read, especially laying on the beach. I’ll probably pack 2/3 books for this trip. Reading is so relaxing and Lord knows I need it for any flying we will be doing!



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