BVI | Part One

Josh and I recently took a much needed vacation to the British Virgin Island. While I was there, I took notes to remember exactly what we did each day. We we there for 10 days and went to many different islands. There was no way I was going to remember everything once we got home. I decided to break it down into a few parts, just so I don’t bore everyone. Part One is going to be about our first three days in Tortola. These 3 days are when we pre-extended from the vacation that we originally booked, on Scrub Island. (Which you will hear more about in the next post.) I didn’t take as many pictures and videos as I would have liked because honestly it was the last thing on my mind. We were having so much fun. This was a vacation that I will never forget.

Day 1

We traveled all day long. Literally. We left our hotel at Dulles at 4:45am. We had 3 flights. The first one was from D.C. to Miami, then Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico, then to Tortola, BVI. We flew first class so the morning mimosas were a nice touch. We got to Tortola around 4:30pm. We picked up our rental car and headed to our Airbnb.God Bless America. It was a nightmare getting to our Airbnb was a nightmare. Not only are we driving on the left side of the road with maniacs, we had no directions or an address. There are a total of 3 stop lights, 1 roundabout and maybe 7 street signs, on the entire island. All I had were the coordinates plugged in the Google Maps on my phone. We did what Siri said until we hit multiple dead ends and houses that looked nothing like the one we rented. Josh and I were getting very very irritated. We almost got to the point of giving up, and finding the closest resort. An hour passed and I decided to call our host. This is what she told me,”When you come to a 4 way stop at Sage mountain and the green dumpster is in front of you, make a left. Then when you see the next green dumpster on your left, turn there. You’ll see two iron gates and my house is the next one. You will have to make a 3-point turn to get into the driveway.” REALLY?! You are using dumpsters as landmarks. Later did we find out that using the green dumpsters is pretty much the only way to navigate through the streets. There are no other landmarks. Another interesting part of our journey was the animals we saw along the way. Normally, in the U.S you’ll see rabbits, foxes and deer wandering around the streets. Not Tortola, there’s goats, chickens, roosters and puppies/dogs, EVERYWHERE. Once we found the place, we asked where the closest place to get some food and drinks. We wanted to get food before the sun set and we ended up lost again. (We needed to see the green dumpsters!) She told us Cane Garden Bay. It was about a 10 minute drive down the mountain. So we went there. Our intentions were to get dinner and drinks to go and get some sleep. Did that happen? No way. We went to Myett’s, a hotel/bar/spa/restaurant on the beach. There are other bars lined on the beach as well, but this one was the most appealing. Plus, we heard live music from the parking lot. We ordered apps to share and some drinks. By the time we are finished eating, loads of people start rolling in. We met a ton of locals and many people from Maryland too! Everyone we met sucked us in to playing “Dab that Tune.” It’s basically like music bingo, when you hear the song & you have it on your card, you dab it. It was really fun. The first round was 70’s music and each round added newer music. Of course, the first round, Josh gets bingo and wins a hat. (That he ends up wearing every day.) After 3 rounds of Dab That Tune and some painkillers, we ventured back up the mountain to our hidden bungalow so get our much needed rest.

Day 2

We woke up early, from the sounds of the roosters. It was our first full day of actual vacation. We made coffee & cut up fresh fruit that our host, Majel, got for us. We sat on our little patio and enjoyed the views. We ventured into Majel’s garden. The trees, flowers and herbs she is growing everywhere is so beautiful.

We wanted to go lay on the beach and embrace the crystal clear water and warm weather. We went back to Myett’s in Cane Garden Bay. It was a safe bet, we knew how to get there and back. Plus, we wanted to go during the day. We did not regret this decision. Oh my god, the people watching was perfect. There was always a fresh batch of people to watch because this beach is an excursion for the cruise ships stopping by this island. But my favorite part were the huge signs everywhere, “Rum Punch $3” SIGN ME UP! Yes, we were tipsy by noon, but it was vacation! Who cares?!

For lunch we bought groceries at the local market and headed home for a nap before happy hour. The size of the avocado we got was about the size of my head.IMG_0641 The picture doesn’t do much justice. I had to hold it with two hands or else I would drop it. We also got these vegetable filled dough things. They were recommended by the locals. We got three kinds, couldn’t tell you what was in them because I have no idea, but they were so damn good. It was probably for the best that I didn’t know what was inside of them. (I meant to get a picture of these and the name, but by the time I thought about it, Josh and I already devoured them. Oops, maybe one day I will get good at this blogging thing).

Happy hour was amazing, per usual. I don’t think I will ever get over how 50 people at the beach restaurant gather around to watch the sunset together. It’s so breathtaking. I have about 500 identical pictures on my phone of the sunset, from each night of the trip. Since we were drinking and in the sun all day, we called it an early night.

Day 3

Our last full day on Tortola & in our hidden oasis. We are definitely roughin’ it. Don’t get me wrong. We love this hidden gem we stayed in but we had no AC, no hot water, no locks on the doors and roosters squawking all hours of the night. The view makes up for it all though. We decided to venture to somewhere new. We went to opposite way of Cane Garden Bay. We went through Carrot Bay, Apple Bay & parked at another bay and walked the beach. It was a lot more calm than Cane Garden Bay. Not as many bars, restaurants or tourists. It was a more relaxing feel, not that we weren’t already relaxed. Haha.


We stopped at Stout’s Lookout on the way back to our house for a drink. The view was so breathtaking. The owner used to live in D.C. & we talked about how he hated 95. (Likewise, my friend.) Side note- drinking and driving is a thing here. While we were at Stout’s, we saw multiple people stop on for a cocktail and take it to go. Zero f*cks given at all times on this island.

Dinner was at Myett’s, again. We couldn’t get enough of that place. We got to say bye to our local friends and all of the puppies.

That’s all for our first 3 days. I will post the next 7 days soon! The best is yet to come!


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