BVI | Part Two

Here are the next few days of our BVI adventure!

Day 4

I woke up with a killer sore throat and so congested. I guess my allergies were getting to me? No idea. I drank some of those nasty ass Vitamin C tablets and packed our things up to head back to Beef Island Airport to drop off the rental car and catch the ferry to Scrub Island. That ferry picks us up at Trellis Bay, in Tortola. There’s a market and a bar there for you while you wait for your ferry. You can see Scrub Island from Trellis Bay.

We checked into our villa and we’re treated like royalty from the moment we arrived. Pictures don’t do any justice what this resort and our villa looks like. We have a full kitchen, living room, 2 bathrooms, a king size bed/bedroom and a huge deck overlooking the water. Breathtaking.


We unpacked our luggage and changed into bathing suits to start our adventure. Very low key day. Lounged by the pool, went kayaking, jumped on the water trampoline, and made some friends. The coolest part about meeting new people is where they are from. We met so many people from Annapolis, such a small world.

Day 5

I woke up with the worst sinus pressure, blowing my nose a thousand times and sneezing. I laid in bed all morning. This day was the only day Josh had “work,” only in the morning though.

We walked to North Beach on Scrub Island, where there are is a bar, cabanas with chairs and a mini pool on the beach. It was a lot cooler on that side of the island, the water temperature and the breeze made it hard to want to stay there all day. We left after a few hours to grab some lunch and get out of the sun for a little. As much as we wanted to stay in the sun all day, we had so many excursions planned that we didn’t want to fry ourselves too early. 

Dinner this night was with the host of the entire trip. He invited Josh and I and two other couples to Brandywine Bay, a restaurant on Tortola. The food and view was phenomenal. Josh got surf and turf, which was enough food to share between the both of us. I got the seared scallops with cheesy risotto. So yummy! We headed back to our hotel and got caught in a quick rain storm. The ferry from Tortola only comes once an hour, 45 minutes past. We arrived at the dock at 9….so we waited 45 minutes in the rain. Josh and I went to bed after a cup of coffee, we had a big day planned the next day.

Day 6

 Our first excursion! Today we had an island hopper trip planned. We go to Norman Island to snorkel, then Willy T’s bar and Soggy Dollar. The trip was from 9-4. The boat provides snacks, beer, water, sodas and Rum punch. It was so fantastic!!!

First, we rode 45 minutes to Norman Island, where we snorkels in two spots; the Indians and the Caves. We saw a lot of fish, of course. We also saw a lion fish, some rays and an octopus.

Then we took a quick trip to Willy T’s where we had lunch. Willy T’s is a pirate ship looking sailboat restaurant in a beautiful crystal clear cove. The food was amazing. Of course, Josh and I had to jump off of the top of the ship. My grandma told me it’s what everyone does when they go there. It doesn’t look very high, but trust me, it is. While we were there, we saw nurse sharks and a huge sea turtle. Super cool.

Then we drove another 45 minutes to Soggy Dollar. That place was unreal. If you ever go to BVI, go there!!! The drinks were SO strong and that atmosphere was so much fun. All ages. Everyone is just docked in the water & you have to jump off your boat and swim to the beach to go to the bar. So much fun, I wish we got to stay there longer.

Then we had an hour ride back to scrub island. Holy shit, the ride was so rough. I’m surprised no one on the boat got sick! (Especially me!) An hour ride & many cocktails later, we arrived at our resort. We jumped off and ran to the hotel room to nap before dinner. Josh was so sunburnt on his back! I layered about 10 pounds of aloe on him. Dinner was awesome, again. No surprise there. We had a DJ, two guys dancing on stilts and two awesome fire dancers. What a great day! (Also, we last minute signed up for two additional excursions, since we had so much fun on this day.)



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