BVI | Part Three

Ahhhh, at last. The last few days of our trip. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, that is for sure. As I am writing this, I am missing all of the people on the trip and the beautiful scenery every day. Luckily, Josh and I already have another trip planned for July!

Day 7

We had a boat trip planned from 12-4 with a few other couples. We were going to hang out at the famous Foxy’s for the day. It’s about an hour boat ride to get to Jost Van Dyke where the bar is located. This was the roughest ride I have ever been on. The captain warned us that the winds were very strong and the waves were big. He promised us a bumpy ride so hold on tight. That’s exactly what we did. The ride there wasn’t terrible, but I’m glad I took Dramamine!

We stopped at Foxy’s for some appetizers and cocktails. I got to meet the famous Foxy. I swear, that man knows everything about everyone and everything. He also stayed stoned. He’s a legend.


We ventured over to Soggy Dollar Bar, which was one cove away from Foxy’s. I love that place. If I could have stayed at Soggy Dollar all day, I would have. There are people everywhere, of all ages, wasted and having a good time. The people watching was the best. After a few hours we had to head back to the hotel. This ride was a nightmare. I was being thrown all around the back of the boat. I’m surprised I don’t have any bruises. I was holding on to the railing so tight!

Once we got back to shore we get ready for dinner. Dinner this night was at a chef’s house who lives on Scrub Island. He used to own a restaurant in Tortola called Brandywine Bay. His name is Davide Pugliese originally from Florence, Italy. His house was breathtaking. (Here is Coastal Living article about his home!) The views and the decor was just beautiful. One of the features of his kitchen was a brick oven. He made the group of people pizzas until we said we were full. All kinds of pizzas with fresh toppings. Hands down some of the best pizza I have ever had. In addition to the amazing dinner and company, Josh was able to speak Italian and talk about Italy with Davide, his wife and friend. They were attempting to teach me too. Many pizzas and glasses of red wine later, we caught a shuttle back to the hotel.

Day 8

We had another excursion planned for this day. It was an underwater safari. Basically, we went snorkeling all day. Like I have said before, the winds have been very strong, which makes the waters extremely rough compared to normal. We made our way from Scrub Island to Cooper Island, we snorkeled there for a bit. I saw the most fish here. It is so crazy how far you can see down. It’s about 50ft deep and it feels like 10ft. It was so awesome.

The next stop was at Salt Island. This island has no one living on it anymore. What makes this island so unique is that there is a huge salt pond in the center of the island. Josh and I walked to go see it & it was so interesting. The best way to describe the pond is a very thick layer of ice underneath the water. Also, all of the rocks and shells or whatever was left in the water, had mounds of salt crystals all over them. It was so cool.

We had some extra time go snorkeling around here, so we ventured out. Maybe not the best idea on my part. Yes it was amazing but it was terrifying. Swimming out, past the point and almost into another cove was easy and fun. We saw barracudas, conch, thousands of little fish and a sea turtle.

The first little clip is Josh and the barracuda. The second clip is the sea turtle, which was the last video I took before I started dying. lol.

Once we started to swim back, we were swimming against the current. I didn’t think I was going to survive. The waves were so big that I was getting thrown around trying to swim. I thought I was swimming fast and getting far, but I was barely moving. At this point I am borderline panicking. Josh and our friend are admiring the sea turtle and I book it to shore. While I was swimming as fast as I could to shore, I pass a huge barracuda to my left. Of course this makes me even more scared than I already was. Anyone who knows me knows how bad my anxiety is and also that I hate waves. You can only imagine how I am feeling at this point. Basically helpless. Eventually I got onto shore and I just laid in the sand on the beach. I was so out of breath and so shaken up from the swim in.

The next spot was back at Cooper Island, we stopped for lunch at the resort there. This was a really cool place. It’s also the only place in BVI that has draft beer. This island has their own brewery. The next snorkeling spot was on the corner of this hotel. I was a little worried about getting back into the water after the craziness that happened an hour prior, but I figured I might as well go see some cool stuff. I get into the water and 5 minutes later, I swim back. It was rough again and I didn’t want to feel that scared again. Luckily I did this because there was a man from our group that was screaming help on the side of the boat. I swim up next to him and he is screaming that he needs help and he’s getting sucked under the boat. I throw him my floating device and swim as fast as I can to the boat to get more help. I knew that if I were to go get him myself, we would both go down. We throw him a life ring and save the day! That was scary.

The last spot we went to was directly across from where our hotel was, called Diamond Reef. We didn’t find any diamonds and I didn’t even risk getting in the water here either. Once we got back to shore I was so happy to be on land. Josh and I made dinner reservations at the  restaurant at our hotel. Josh and I had a great romantic date.

Day 9

We had our final excursion planned this day. We headed out to Virgin Gorda to see the famous baths. It was a 20 minute boat ride to get from Scrub Island to Virgin Gorda. We parked at the yacht club and got a taxi to take us to the baths.


We walked the entire trail through the baths and bays. What an awesome experience. These baths & rock formations are like our of a magazine. So beautiful. Also, some of the rocks are hallow. Our tour guide had us knocking on them. Kind of scary considering we are under these huge boulders.

We finished walking the baths and got a ride to Hog’s Heaven, a restaurant at the top of Virgin Gorda. The view overlooked Richard Branson’s islands, Necker and Mosquito.

View from Hog Heaven

Virgin Gorda was more updated and “ritzy” compared to the other islands. A Russian billionaire owns the only golf course in the BVI and no one else can use it without an invite from him. The Bacardi brothers have the most modern mansion I have ever seen, completed with a flat roof to land their helicopter.

The Bacardi brothers mansion. A flat roof to land their helicopters.

After lunch we made our way back to the boat, we stopped at a very calm beach, called Savannah Bay. There was a sand bar that was only waist deep that you could walk out at least 30 feet. Then Josh and I took a nap on the beach.

Once we got back to Scrub Island, we got ready for dinner. Dinner was bar far the best of the week. Filet and lobster tail for everyone. The best part is that we saw the lobsters in the cage that morning. Talk about fresh food! We were so sad to say goodbye to the friends that we made.

Day 10- Our last day in paradise. We lounged around in the morning, grabbed breakfast and got onto the 11:30 ferry back to Trellis Bay, Tortola to journey back home. Our first flight was from Tortola to Puerto Rico, on a VERY small plane. Then we flew first class from PR to Miami then to D.C. We got home around 1 am from traveling all day.

And the countdown begins until our next trip!!! COSTA RICA IN JULY!

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