Costa Rica | Part One

So exciting traveling with Josh. Another vacation, another country. This time it’s Costa Rica. So many of my family and friends have told me so much about this country and how much they love it, so of course Josh and I had to go!

Day 1

Our flight was at 8ish at BWI, meaning Josh and I had to leave our house at 530am…. rough. Not too long ago, Josh and I decided it would be smart to get TSA pre check so we don’t have to wait in the outrageously long lines for security. Luckily, we were able to utilize it this trip because would probably would have missed the flight if we didn’t.


The flight was great! A direct flight to Liberia, where we met our driver to take us to the hotel. It took about 45 minutes and luckily the roads we were on were paved. Our driver told us this is one of the happiest countries in the world and I can understand why!

Our destination was the Four Seasons. Once we arrived, we were greeted with cold towels, welcome cocktails and an escort to our room from the most pleasant man I have ever met! Let me tell you, those cold towels were much needed.

Our room….beautiful. Everything you would want and need for a hotel room, plus a huge screened in porch overlooking the gulf.


Once we started roaming around, we walked from the gulf side to the Pacific Ocean side and to all of the pools. The hotel offers activities every hour of the day for all ages. (They do require reservations, which would have been to nice to know as soon as we arrived.)

We stopped at the most central bar of the hotel, Sol Y Sombra for a few drinks and to relax. The Costa Rica brewed beer was amazing, Josh has the Red Ale and I had the Tropical Golden Ale.


Then….we decided to go workout, first mistake.  Instead of going to the gym, we hiked 800+ stairs to the top of the mountain, second mistake. I didn’t realize how out of shape I actually was, holy shit. But we made it to the top & for some beautiful pictures. We also found the perfect spot for the sunset, overlooking the entire peninsula.

Josh felt like that hike wasn’t enough, so we went to the gym at the hotel. I did yoga on the floor and some more cardio, another mistake. I did find me few favorite flavor of water though, basil, pineapple & lemon. It was so refreshing! (Took 3 showers so far)

. . .

The dinner options at the resorts were great. There’s Italian, a steak house, small plates, a burger joint and a typical seafood place. Josh and I picked the small plates restaurant called Tico’s because it didn’t require reservations and we could dress casual. The food was spectacular! We orders tuna tacos, tuna nachos and octopus ceviche. All three were to die for. Super light and so full of flavor. The seafood was also caught earlier that day.


After a day of traveling, we were exhausted. The sun set at 5:30 here. So, by 6:30, it was pitch black and felt like 10pm. Plus there is a two hour time different. Off to the room we went.


Day 2

We woke up at 5:30am from the sounds of the birds, monkeys and waves. Our room is so close to the beach, that you can hear the waves crashing. It’s such a relaxing sound.

An hour later, we realized there is probably at least a few other people awake and wondering the property. We were right. All of the beach and pool chairs were perfect and ready for people to relax. There are stations set up everywhere with fresh fruit and Costa Rican coffee; the perfect healthy breakfast.

. . .

We walked on the beach as far as we could safely go, where we saw thousands of hermit crabs. You have to watch where you step because there are so many! Our 45 minute walk ended in us being drenched in sweat and it was only 7:30am at this point. So humid and hot. The pool and beach were much needed for this heat.


Back at our room, to change out of our nasty clothes, we got mail in our mailbox, a little paper with some fun history facts of Costa Rica and today’s activities that are offered. Today we learned that tico (tica is feminine) is a term for the locals in Costa Rica. So the name of the Lounge we went to last night was called Tico’s lounge- meaning guys lounge. Which makes perfect sense now, pool tables, sports and lots of bourbon and gin. Basically Josh’s paradise.

We scoped a perfect spot by the pool to lay out and relax. It was hot. Like extremely hot and humid. Once you got out of the water, you were completely dry and ready to get back in within 5 minutes. While we were laying out, every hour servers will walk around with fresh juices. We had beets with orange juice (which I did not like) and passion fruit pina coladas (which I loved).


The heat is no joke here. When I checked the weather for the week before we left, it said rain every day, which upset me. Everyone said that was totally normal because of how humid it is. But it’s true, it does rain every day, only for an hour though.


Before we headed down to dinner, we walked to the beach to watch the sunset. Probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Dinner was great! A variety of organic and fresh fish were offered. We drank and laughed with a few other couples, it was a relaxing, great time.







Day 3

Another day in paradise! Waking up to the sound of the waves. Josh had meetings in the morning so I lounged around and read. I told Josh that I wanted to relax more on this trip than we did in BVI, so that’s what we’re doing, a whole lotta nothing. I love it.

After the meetings we headed to a cabana on the beach to lay out. We ordered food from the beach bar and a bucket of cervesas (beers)! This is the day I got pretty burnt. When I took my bathing suit off, it looked like I was wearing a white top… so much sun.

. . .

We signed up for a cocktail tasting before dinner. The bartender made everyone two Costa Rican cocktails. It was fun to taste liquors I have never had and to also meet new people. This was one of the complimentary events that the hotel offered. I only really liked one of the drinks, which was a ginger and lime juice concoction. We met an awesome couple who was on vacation from Charlotte. Come to find out, Josh and I had many mutual friends with them. Small world!

For dinner made plans to go to the Italian restaurant at the hotel called Cena Sociale. The food was so amazing. We got homemade ricotta, caprese salad and insalata di mare which is multiple raw seafoods. The house made bread and olive oil/balsamic mix was amazing and I could have eaten 3 loaves of it. We also got a nice bottle of red wine for our romantic date 😉 Lastly we got dessert- 3 scoops of gelato; salted caramel, stracitella and white coffee. All there were so tasty!


After our hot date, we met up with a couple we met at the cocktail tasting and hung out until the bar closed.

Day 4

Our first excursion day! Like I said before, Josh and I wanted to do a lot of relaxing on this trip compared to others, so we didn’t plan too much. Don’t get me wrong, there were tons of options for us to sign up for but where our hotel was located, everything was at least an hour and a half each way or more.

We planned to go zip-lining over a canopy of beautiful wild life and trees. The place was called Witch’s Rock. I woke up so anxious and worried that I was going to be too scared to go through with it. Oh was I wrong. This trip was so fun! 11 cables, 3 suspension bridges and lots of ladders to climb. By the end of the trip, I was zipping upside down. And yes josh has the video to prove it! A must do when you’re in Costa Rica! (Vlog coming soon…)

We went to the beach with a couple we met once we got home. After pitchers of cocktails, nachos and 2 naps- I would say it was a successful day.

. . .


Dinner was the last part of our day. We took a shuttle to a steakhouse restaurant on the property. We were greeted with a little baggie of golden coffee beans. Each coffee bean was $5 so Josh and I had $90 combined to spend at a little local market they set up at the restaurant.  We got some coffee, handmade bowls, a cutting board and a hot mat.


The buffet was unreal. I have never seen so much guac in my life. I was in heaven. Then, a ceviche bar and other tables of beautiful seafood and meats. Such an amazing spread. The entertainment of the night  were local dancers who managed to get a group of 100 people out of their seats and out on the lawn for dancing and more cocktails. It was impressive and hilarious.


What a great first 4 days we had. Hope you enjoyed! I’ll be posting the last few days of our trip this week.


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