Costa Rica | Part Two

Like I said before, this trip was a lot more relaxing and “do nothing” than before. So here ya go, the last part of our trip to Costa Rica!

Day 5

Sleeping in doesn’t really happen in Costa Rica, at least the room we had. Josh and I were up every morning pretty early. I hate to say it (I sound ridiculous, I know) but the waves were so loud in the morning. First world problems.

. . .

Another relaxing day. We went kayaking out in the gulf. We saw tons of turtles, not small ones by any means. They were huge. We also saw a lot of baby puffer fish too. After kayaking we snorkeled for a little. Josh snorkeled a lot longer than me. After my BVI experience, I am a little weary of snorkeling alone. Josh had a blast and swam along side turtles and sting rays. (Check out my YouTube channel to see the videos from snorkeling)

. . .

We found some of the friends we made lounging by the pool, so we joined them for a few hours. They are from Charlotte and were supposed to be leaving in a few hours, that day. We invited them on a sunset catamaran cruise later that night and they extended their stay another night so they could come! It was a lot of fun. We have a bunch of mutual friends, it’s such a small world.

At 2pm, a storm started rolling through, which is also when the catamaran picked us up. I was bummed out that is was pouring and cloudy and we were supposed to snorkel and watch the sunset. Luckily, the storms here move so quickly that it only rained for 45 minutes. By the time we got to the snorkeling spot it was clear and beautiful. I hung out on the net and relaxed with the rest of the group. The sunset was beautiful. Words and pictures don’t do justice for how pretty the sunsets were every night, especially on the boat.


Our friends from Charlotte made dinner reservations with us at one of the hotel restaurants, Sol Y Sombra. Another seafood spot. Our food was great. The drink situation was the funniest. They have a deal if you get 6 local beers in a bucket, it’s cheaper. So that’s what we did. The waiter brought out a champagne bucket and stuck 6 Imperials in it for us to drink. We looked super classy…lol. But it was worth it.

After dinner Josh and I had to find aloe, we were so burnt. I think both of us fell asleep within 27 seconds of hitting the pillows. The sun was so exhausting.


Day 6

Another day in paradise, literally. Woke up early, per usual. Grabbed some coffee and fresh fruit that the hotel puts out every morning and headed to the beach. I love the raised lounge seating at the beach, so nice.


After an hour, Josh and I were dripping sweat and headed to the pool for some shade. Cocktails, friends and the sun- basically summarizes this day of the trip.

After the pitchers, shots, beers, ice cream and weird fruit concoctions, we got our shit together for dinner at the Italian restaurant again.

Can’t say I remember many details of this day. But it was definitely worth it. The amount of hilarious photos and conversation we had was endless.

Day 7

The last day! I woke up feeling a little burnt out. I spend the entire day at the beach in the shade with LOTS of water.

While we were laying at the beach, Josh turns around and says he thinks he knows the guy behind us, he looks like an actor. Come to find out he is an actor. Him and his wife. His name is Patrick Fischler. Here is his Instagram. Let me know if you recognize him! We didn’t recognize their friends, but they were so nice!

. . .

Josh took a trip to the beach club which was 20 minutes up the peninsula and had lunch at the Burger Shack. He said the food was great and inexpensive compared to our hotel.

When he got back from lunch, we went swimming in the ocean where we noticed these little fish that would actually come up to you. Not only were they not afraid of you, they would nibble at your toes. The weirdest thing I have ever encountered. I was scared but fascinated at the same time. (I wish I took videos or pictures of this)

Our last night means our last group dinner. The dinner was 4 courses; a tortilla soup (which was impossible to eat because it was 105 degrees), a salad with cucumbers topped with lobster and a basil avocado sauce, steak with seabass and tropical desserts.

There were two types of entertainment; a band, which performed amazingly and three people dressed up as a butterfly, monkey and toucan. These people scared the shit out of me. Lurking around the dinner tables. I could have done without that.

After dinner we couldn’t just go to sleep. We had to embrace our last night. What better way to do that than drink our leftover alcohol in the pools and hot tubs with the friends we made? Josh and I went to get into the pool and noticed little crabs swimming. It was a funny sight watching Josh and I catch these crabs in the pool with cups. We found all of the noodles the hotel has to offer and laid around in the pool for a bit.

Day 8

The actually last day. Our flight was at 12:10pm so we had to leave the hotel at 9:30am. From the time we woke up to when we left, we just wandered around and laid at the beach. Embracing the last bit we could.

Our flight home was great. Minus the flight being 50% children and loud.

. . .

Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Costa Rica! We definitely  had a blast. Where to next? ITALY IN SEPTEMBER! Subscribe to my YouTube channel and Blog to get updates on our next trip and more posts.


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