My Teeth Whitening Routine

“How do you get your teeth so white?” “Do you have veneers?”  How much do you spend on your teeth?” “How long did you have braces?” I hear these questions so often and I take them as compliments! Yes, I whiten my teeth and have had braces, it’s no secret. Yes, my teeth are real. I have not spent a fortune on whitening them. But my parents did spend a small fortune to get my teeth perfectly straight. (Which I am slowly ruining by not wearing a retainer, sorry Mom and Dad) So here are all of the answers to how I whiten my teeth and maintain the “whiteness.” Side note- nothing makes someone more confident than a nice smile. crest

So, I am an avid coffee and red wine drinker. (Aka, teeth stainers.) About 6 years ago I noticed that my teeth were getting a yellowish tint to them. My first idea was brushing with baking soda. Disgusting. Never again. Then I got whitening toothpaste. Nope. Didn’t make a difference, in my opinion. Then I splurged on a box of Crest White Strips and my life was changed. You can get these from any drug store. Personally, I always purchased the hour long white strips.

The Product

Each strip comes with a top and bottom strip to place onto your teeth. When you first put them on, it feels so weird. Even though it’s just a little piece of sticky plastic, you feel like you can’t talk and if you do talk, you probably talk with a lisp. Depending on the box you purchase, you can leave them on for 15 minutes to an hour…ish. After you take them off, you’ll have this gross taste and weird film on your teeth. (I’m really not selling this product very well, but I promise it worked wonders for me.) Take them off and viola! Slowly see your teeth color change overtime.


Six years ago, when I first started using the white strips, I got a months supply in a box. I would use them every day, until the box was gone. It took about that long for me to see a difference and for me to be happy with the results. Ever since then and currently, I whiten my teeth every month or so, maybe once or twice. My teeth have not faded very much and if I feel that they have, I pop a white strip on!

I ALWAYS put on my Crest strips before I went to bed. I would first brush my teeth very well, floss and use mouth wash. Then, apply the white strips. Simple as that.

Here are some tips when using the Crest White Strips:

Applying the white strips can get a little tricky. Make sure that you dry your teeth off with a tissue or washcloth so that they can stick. If your teeth are wet and you try to stick them on, they will slide around and the product on the white strips will get all in your mouth. Just dry your teeth, trust me.

Make sure you use them for the amount of time they recommend. My gums or teeth do not normally get irritated from the white strips, but recently it has been happening. Like when I fall asleep with them on and wake up 3 hours later.

If you start to get sensitive from the product, stop using it.

I wouldn’t recommend using them every day. When I used mine everyday, my gums would be sensitive, nothing to complain over but I think I was overloading them. Just be careful.

This may not work for you. I told Josh every single step that I do and his teeth are just too sensitive to use the white strips!

. . .

There ya have it. My secret to white teeth! Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what your teeth whitening process is? Do you get them professionally done? What works for you?



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