Our Bucket List

Josh and I always think of the craziest things that we want to do someday. I figured, lets make a list and make these things actually happen one day! Here is a bucket list that Josh and I came up with together!Learn to surf
Go dog sledding
See The 7 ancient and man made wonders of the world
Hang glide
Repel down into a cave
Learn to sail
Foster an elephant baby
Visit every US national parks
Release baby turtles into the ocean
Sleep in an igloo
Meet a world leader
Win a karaoke contest
Be published
Attend a film premiere
Munich for Oktoberfest
Siena for Palio
Be a game show contestant
Go on a cruise
Go to comic con
Have a “15 minutes of fame” moment
See a Ted Talk live
Set a Record
See the Olympics. Summer & Winter
Go to an award show
Watch a space shuttle launch live
Fly in a private jet
Start a food truck
Eat at Michelin star restaurants
Build a wine cellar in our next house
Visit every country
Visit every state
Sky dive
Saber a champagne bottle
Give a Ted Talk
Help someone else check something off of their list
Learn to be conversational in another language
Write a book
Sponsor a wish for make a wish foundation
Volunteer in another country
Go deep sea fishing
Arrive somewhere on a seaplane
Go to the super bowl
Karate chop a piece of wood- this is Josh’s lol
Throw the first pitch at a baseball game
Drive a race car
Fly Emirates first class
Ride a camel
Ride in a gondola
Test drive a million dollar car
Celebrate a holiday in a different country
Go on a safari
Road trip across the country

There are so many more things that we want to do in our life time, but this list is a good one to start checking things off! Have you done any of these things? Where did you do any of these things? We love feedback!


2 thoughts on “Our Bucket List

  1. Learned to sail , been on a cruise,gone deep sea fishing rode in a gondola( Las Vegas), parasailing, Pop was in Munich for Octoberfest,had articles published,saw space shuttle live and celebrated holiday in Germany (Fashing)

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