Game of Thrones Pop-up Bar | Washington, DC

Yesterday, a group of friendsand myself went to the Game of Thrones pop-up bar in Washington, DC. Josh is a HUGE fan of the show and we live so close to DC. We saw the video of the bar go viral on Facebook and we figured we had to go to see what it was all about. I had very high expectations. The TV show is amazing and the fan base is outrageous too. Here is the website for the bar.

IMG_2326When we got to the bar, there was a line wrapped around the block. I figured there would be a line but not on a Sunday afternoon. There were limited hours on Sunday (1-7pm) because that’s also the day that the show comes on. It would have been cool to watch it there with a bunch of other crazy fans. There was no cover charge to get in, which was great.

After about of hour of waiting in line, we got to enter the bar. The reason the line took so long was because the bar was only 3,000 sq. feet and it was constantly at capacity. We couldn’t go in until a certain number of people came out, which I am thankful that they did because it was SO cramped. Right before you go into the bar, a bar employee asks if you want to take a picture on the Iron Throne. Well of course we do! She said it would be about a 2.5 hour wait. Um, what?! For a picture? How long does it take to take a picture of someone?! We didn’t get our hopes up if we didn’t stay long enough to get a picture. To get in line for the throne, you have to give her your cell phone number and they will text you when it is your turn in line.

The decorations were pretty cool. I will attach the viral Facebook post here for a better look at the décor. It was hard to get any good pictures because of the amount of people in such a small area. I was really surprised that the bartenders weren’t more interactive or dressed up. Also, some of the décor just seemed cheap and that place didn’t seem like it was hurtin’ for money. With such a huge fan base and so many creative things they could have done.. The average drink was about $13 and there were always lines. (So we were told).


Eventually after taking some fun pictures and roaming around the bar, we found a spot at the bar to sit down. There was a cocktail called “Shame” and whenever someone ordered it, the bartenders would ring a bell and yell shame. The whole bar was yelling shame at the poor person who ordered that drink, it was awesome!

The drinks were tasty and different. The ingredients were not common. The drinks all had fun Game of Thrones themes names and effort was definitely put into making them. Not just jack and cokes with a cool name. I appreciated that a lot. I ended up drinking beer and I was lucky enough to walk out with a Game of Thrones cup!

About an hour and a half into hanging out at the bar, I got a text saying “We are ready for you at the Throne.” YESSS! We are getting pictures on the throne! There was a long line of people and a faux fur coat that everyone got to wear as they took their photo. It was sweaty, not going to lie. But I had to wear it for the photo.

Overall, the bar was pretty cool. I don’t think I would go back though. It was a one and done type of thing for me. Josh agrees. Between the lack of interaction, amazing décor and wait for everything it wasn’t exactly worth it. It was definitely fun with a group of friends and for the photos!

Have you been to the pop-up bar? What are your thoughts?


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