August Ipsy Bag | 2017

I know I haven’t talked about my Ipsy bags in a looong time, but I decided to bring it back. It’s fun to share the new surprise products that I receive. I also love giving my feedback to you about those products. The bag this month was a sunset theme with three different bag styles. Whoever made my bag this month must follow me on Instagram or something. C’mon now, wild and free, that’s me! Also, the products inside are great. This is probably one of the best bags I have ever gotten! As always, if you want to sign up, it is the best $10 a month you will ever spend. Here is the link to sign up! You won’t regret it.The first thing I noticed in the gold package this month is that there was a booklet. I never get a pamphlet type thing in my bag. It was a little guide of all of the products that are currently available on the Ipsy website. Also, Ispy is starting something new called Ipsy Cash. Reminds me a lot of Kohl’s Cash, personally. Every time you purchase something from the Ipsy website, you get a percentage back. I always forget that you can get full size items on the website for a discount. (I am going to need to remember that!)

aug 172.jpg

The first product I noticed in my bag was a brush. If you have read any of my previous blog posts about my bags, you will know that I LOVE new brushes. This brush is a Crown Brush SS035 – Medium Face Contour Brush. It is super soft, which is a good sign. I have never heard of this brand, which is no uncommon for Ipsy. I love trying new brands and finding new favorites. Especially if that are affordable and are quality. Super excited to use this tomorrow to contour!

aug1745This next product I was thoroughly impressed with. When I got the preview of the products that were going to be in my bag this month I was like “eh, the Pacifica Blush looks fine. I’m sure it will be a super small pan because I am getting two.” WRONG. The package that the two blush shades (Coconut Blush Duo) are in took up the a large portion of the bag. The pan size of the shades are more than a sample size. This is definitely borderline a full size product. I don’t use blush that often, so this will last me forever. I am so happy about that. The product feels amazing. Again, I have never heard of Pacifica but I am SO excited to try it!

aug 17Next!  I received a DERMA E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum. I am weird about trying new skin care products because of how sensitive my  skin is. I am not opposed to it, but I have my skin care routine that works for me. This product is supposed to help with uneven skin, fine lines and wrinkles. These are all things that I am insecure about. The packaging is super small so I don’t know how long it will last me. BUT, we shall see! Please let me know if you have used this!!!


aug174The Balm Cosmetics. Enough said. I am so happy every time I get a product from this brand. This month I got an eyeshadow in shade Willkommen. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it or what it means, because I have no idea. The packaging is SO cute, as always. The color is a warm bronzy brown with a little sheen to it. I think it is beautiful. Just like all of the other products I have from them, I love them. This is just another one to add to my collection and use all the time!

aug 175Last but not least, Naked Cosmetics HD Finishing Translucent Powder. I have yet to find a translucent powder that I love. I have not tried the popular powders that all of the beauty bloggers talk about, which is probably part of the problem. I am hoping that THIS is the one! I love this translucent powder, so far. It is light, soft and came in a decent size package for a sample size. I mostly use any translucent powder to set under eye concealer to prevent creasing. I am trying to prevent those wrinkles but I am failing!

I would say that this month’s bag was a success. I need to retake the quiz so I no longer get skin care products. I also have noticed when you review the products, your bags get better and better and contain more products that you enjoy. Not just random things.

I hope you liked this post! I am going to start blogging about the Ipsy bag monthly again! Let me know what you got this month! I love hearing feedback!


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