Southern Maryland Balloon Festival

This past Saturday, Josh and I went to the Southern Maryland Balloon Festival in Prince Frederick, Maryland. This is super close to our house and we thought since the weather was perfect, we should do something outside. You can check out the event from Facebook here, for more photos from other festival-goers!



The event has been on Facebook for a few months. I kept seeing my friends show interest in the event, so it kept coming up on my timeline. Tickets were $10 plus tax for adults and $5 plus tax for children. I was expecting the pricing to be a lot higher, but the tickets sold out!!! The event was from 1pm-9pm. There were a variety of food trucks, live music, alcoholic beverages from local vineyards and breweries and hot air balloon rides! There were also fireworks once it got dark and a petting zoo/play area for the kids! (The animals were so precious!)


Luckily, Josh and I were given two VIP tickets from one of the sponsors. This VIP ticket was only given to the sponsors, you were not able to purchase these. The VIP section had their own tent, trailer restrooms, an array of fruits, meats and cheeses, unlimited alcohol from Running Hare Vineyard and Calvert Brewing and a hot lunch served by Canard’s Catering.

I loved the event! I really thought that it was an awesome time. There were a ton of people, friends we knew and people we hadn’t seen in a while. The volunteers, atmosphere and options were perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather!


*Thanks so much to Janna from Exelon for the VIP tickets!


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