Sunday Funday | Baltimore, MD

Josh planned a lovely Sunday “date day” for us this past Sunday. Let’s just say he incorporated our favorite things: wine and farm-to-table food. We headed out to Baltimore, MD where we stopped by Boordy Vineyards, Parts & Labor for dinner and Woodberry Kitchen for drinks. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back and bring friends!

Our first stop was Boordy. This vineyard is beautiful! When you arrive, there is a grass lot to park and a short walk to the tasting areas. There are two different tasting you can choose from. (Or both). The first is outside at and it includes 8 wines. This is $8 a person.


After this tasting, we went into the store and there was another tasting that was $15 a person, which includes their more expensive wines. We did both tastings of course and loved the inside tasting the most. All of the wines were amazing! I couldn’t complain about any of them!

After our tasting, we purchased a bottle of their Albarino and some snacks which we ate outside at one of the tables. We were lucky enough to get great weather!


The next stop of our date day was Parts & Labor. This is a restaurant in Baltimore that is also a butchery. At first glance, I knew we were going to love this place. The outside was so cute! There are tables made from slabs of wood, a giant fire pit and a great feeling.

As soon as you walk in the front door, you see all of the meats you can purchase, and meats drying out. There were so many different types of meats, we were so excited to try some of their food!b 3

We sat at the bar before our reservation and grabbed a drink and some snacks during their happy hour. Their specials were great! Josh got a Manhattan and I got a glass of rose. We also got a sausage to share. It was AMAZING. So excited to sit down and get more food!

We opted to sit outside because it was so beautiful still. We ordered a bunch of small plates to share: a meat tray, spicy cheese, and a chicken liver spread. We were so excited to eat that I only got a picture of one of the meals: the chicken liver spread, which was actually my favorite. It was amazing. So much flavor.

b 5

After filling up on small plates, we decided to call it a night and head home. There was one more spot that Josh had in mind, Woodberry Kitchen, so we decided to drive by it and check out the vibe. It was so cute! Similar feeling to Parts & Labor. Luckily they were only 10 minutes apart. We were torn between getting a head start going home or stopping for one more drink. We decided if we could easily find a parking spot, we would stop. It was like someone knew we wanted to stop here, as we were driving out, someone was pulling out, of the only spot available on the street. We parked and walked in!

Woodberry Kitchen was awesome! So many people, outside, inside and upstairs. We were so full from the previous restaurant but after looking at the menu, we had to try some of the items. We decided on fried okra, raw beef and roasted garlic. For drinks, we each got a flight. Josh got the mead flight and I got the cider flight. Everything was outstanding! The food and drinks were fantastic. I can not wait to come back to this place.

Very successful date day! We found some awesome spots to come back and take our friends. What are your favorite date spots?


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