We’re Foster Parents!

As many of you already know, Josh and I recent lost our fur baby. It was completely unexpected & beyond heartbreaking. Coming home everyday wasn’t the same. There wasn’t a giant furry thing excitedly coming to greet me at the door with a toy. I saw a Facebook post from a local shelter wanting people to foster puppies. I applied and got accepted. Two days later, we brought our first foster puppy home.



I found a local rescue that posted on Facebook that they were looking for foster parents who would volunteer 2-3 weeks to take in a puppy or a few before they are taken to get adopted. I was super skeptical because of how short the foster period was. So I called to get more information and submitted an application (just in case). The lady said that they want families to foster these puppies because they get so many at a time and many of them are so young, they get sick before they can get ‘fixed’. What the fostering does is act as a quarantine for the puppies. At a loving home, there aren’t a bunch of unvaccinated puppies passing around germs. The reason they tell you 2-3 weeks is because generally that is how long it will be until they need to be brought back to get their surgery. Once they are healed, they are taken to local PetSmart’s to be adopted. Majority of the puppies are adopted during those events.

My application was approved and Josh and I went to the shelter (which is also an animal hospital) to pick up a puppy or two. When we arrived, they said they got 50 puppies the day before but they were all fostered. Luckily, there was one puppy left, who came out WILD AS HELL. Jumping all around and so excited to play. We took her & love her!


Her name is Sevyn. But we renamed her Eleven. (From Stranger Things) Elle for short. She is a 14 week old pit mix. She loves all toys, cuddling, warm places & our bed. She hates the rain. She follows Josh and I around the house. It is the cutest!!! Luckily we have found her an amazing home to be adopted into.

Josh and I are thrilled to be a part of so many amazing puppy lives. We can’t wait to share our journey with you all!!

HA for all of you who thought Josh and I were going to fail! Not this time….maybe next.


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