Tips to Affordable Travel

As you already know, Josh and I travel a ton. Whether it is a work trip, luxury or just a weekend away, there is tons of planning and saving involved. I have compiled a list of tips that help Josh and I travel as often as we do. I will be the first to admit, that traveling out of the country or even to another state can be expensive. Between the flights, hotels, food & drink plus excursions in the new town; the spending adds up quick!

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We’re Foster Parents!

As many of you already know, Josh and I recent lost our fur baby. It was completely unexpected & beyond heartbreaking. Coming home everyday wasn’t the same. There wasn’t a giant furry thing excitedly coming to greet me at the door with a toy. I saw a Facebook post from a local shelter wanting people to foster puppies. I applied and got accepted. Two days later, we brought our first foster puppy home. Continue reading “We’re Foster Parents!”

Tape-In Extensions | Are they worth it?

If you have ever had or tried hair extensions, you know how you can’t go without them! The added volume and length is such a confidence booster. I asked what questions you all wanted answered about my tape-in extensions. I am here to give you my unfiltered opinion and answer all of your questions!

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