Tips to Affordable Travel

As you already know, Josh and I travel a ton. Whether it is a work trip, luxury or just a weekend away, there is tons of planning and saving involved. I have compiled a list of tips that help Josh and I travel as often as we do. I will be the first to admit, that traveling out of the country or even to another state can be expensive. Between the flights, hotels, food & drink plus excursions in the new town; the spending adds up quick!

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San Diego – New Years

Josh and I recently took a trip to San Diego to spend ringing in the New Year somewhere we have never been! Josh surprised me with this trip and I think we’re going to make this a new tradition, going to a new destination ever new year. Anyway, Josh and I fell in LOVE with this town. Although the traveling to get to San Diego was a nightmare, the trip was fantastic. Here are some of our favorite things we did!

We arrived in San Diego after an exhausting and extremely upsetting few flights, on December 30th. Unfortunately, our luggage did not arrive with us. (If you follow us on Instagram, you will know the full story of our ridiculous traveling experience!) Luckily, Josh and I were dressed enough to go to the local spots for food. We stayed at an Airbnb in Little Italy, about 2 miles from the airport. Our apartment was in the flight path, which was cool, loud and a little scary. Our hosts Nina & Clint left us a bottle of wine & this adorable clock set up. So cute and thoughtful!

Our first day was spent eating dinner at Pokirrito & walking to the water on a little boardwalk type area they have, just a block away from the city.

Let’s talk about our dinner. Oh my gosh. You always see on Instagram those sushi burritos. Well this is the place you can get them. Of course that is what I ordered! It was fantastic and I 100% could eat that every single day.

After we ate, we needed to walk off those calories. We walked about a mile into the city and over to the water. It was an awesome walk and got the lay of the land!

Day 2

The second day was a small struggle because we still didn’t have luggage. So half of the day was spent trying to track is down… What is better to fix your anger than an awesome drink? We went to Ballast Point Brewery which happened to be about 300 feet from our Airbnb. (Dangerous)

The variety of beer on tap was amazing! Josh and I started with flights and stayed for a while drinking our favorites. Mine was the California Kolsh. I wish I could buy it here in Maryland. 😦

Since a large majority of our day was spent at the airport looking for our luggage, there was not a ton we got to do this day. We did find an awesome spot to watch the sunset though Sunset Cliffs. There is a reason this place got that name.

The views were so beautiful! There were tons of people gathered around the cliffs watching the sunset. It was beautiful ending to our day.

Day 3

New Years Day! What better to do than to start the new year off with an amazing brunch?! Josh and I walked to The Waterfront, a restaurant that is open almost 24hours, serving amazing food and drinks. A local hot spot that was always busy. Tons of dogs everywhere and great company.

This was our first full day with no luggage issues, thank God. When you go to San Diego for the first time, of course you have to go to the Zoo. So we did. The zoo was a little pricey to get into, but it was well worth it. Josh and I spent most of our day wandering around the park checking out the animals. The exhibits were beautiful and the employees were so passionate about the animals.

The zoo was fantastic. Lots of walking and seeing tons of exotic animals! A must do in San Diego.

Dinner was at an awesome place later that night. True Food. The menu was extremely healthy and organic. Josh and I want to try to start eating cleaner this year, so going to this restaurant helped! The food was amazing!

Day 4

Our last full day in San Diego! We spent the day bar hopping to the best spots in Little Italy. Flights of wine, beer & sangria. Cocktails and amazing food! Once happy hour rolled around, it was even better.

Prep Kitchen

M Winehouse

Queenstown Public House

Ballast Point Brewery

Day 5

Our time to go home. Leaving the 70 degree weather to come home to 10 degrees and snow was rough. I can’t wait to go back to San Diego in the near future!!

Have you been to San Diego? What was your favorite part? Where should Josh and I go next!?

3 Days in Florence | September 2017

Italy was an amazing trip for Josh and I. We started out our “wedding/honeymoon” in Florence. We stayed here for three days. This was my first time in Italy so I wanted to do it all! This is what I would recommend for the must-do’s and see’s in Florence. Continue reading “3 Days in Florence | September 2017”