My Go-to Music

I love music, all kinds. You’ll catch me jamming to 90’s country one second and the next rappin’ my favorite 2Chainz song. (But really.) I recently have been all about finding new artists, those who are not mainstream. I get sick of the radio, every station seems to play the same 10 songs all day. So here is what I go to instead!  Continue reading “My Go-to Music”

It’s our first Christmas in our new home. So of course we had to find the biggest, fattest tree for our living room.

All day, we have been shopping for tree decorations and gift wrapping supplies. I can’t wait to have all of my presents for Josh and our family under the tree!

We went to our local tree farm where there were hundreds of trees to choose from. As soon a you park, the cutest older couple welcomes you with candy canes and a saw to cut our tree down. “Let us know if you need our help! You can pick whatever tree you want,” the old man told us. Some were super small and some we’re enormous. We settled for an above average size tree. Lol. It looked a lot smaller in the field with other trees.

Once we got it into our living room, it looked enormous. But it’s perfect!

Happy holidays!